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Ton of new shows announced~!!

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Check out our live music page to listen to all of our new acts for July and August!!

More to be announced soon!

The Lonely Wild added to May 25th!

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Lonely Wild

The Lonely Wild

Silver Lake band The Lonely Wild exist at a junction of sounds that look back to songs of the West (or the imaginary Italian towns that stood in for America’s frontier on film) and forward to the raw rock tradition that has evolved in the region over twenty years. They aren’t a country band and they’re not quite rock either. Here, at that space between, the aching voice of singer/guitarist Andrew Carroll coalesces with Jessi Williams’ soaring vocals, while Andrew Schneider’s guitar textures and Ryan Ross’ keys create rich textures over Dave Farina’s tumbling drums. Together, they make music both melancholy and hopeful, raucous and tender; opposites shored-upon each other, in a singular sound, a sincere sound that battles against this age of cynicism.


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New bands added for the spring! Some return shows, too! New York City Queens (TX), Modoc (ID), Cody Jasper (TX), Damn Arkansan (AR), This Holy House (AR)

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April 16

This Holy House

Conway rockers, This Holy House, make their return to Bear’s Den Pizza!  With tunes that could be described as Americana, Indie, and Rock, with a little Folk and southern influence. The music ranges from ambient, sombre ballads, to high-energy foot-stomping anthems. There’s always one definite when THH comes to BDP….and they never disappoint. A must see show.


May 11

Straight from Indiana, Modoc brings a naggressive style of guitar-
driven rock n’ roll and the band’s need to be loud. Since their
earliest days of summoning cops with noise complaints to
their practices, the members of the band have always cherished
doing one thing above all else, and that is playing live shows
and mastering the art of “wowing” audiences.

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May 25

Damn Arkansan
The music of alt-country heroes like Dawes and early Wilco flows through the veins of Damn Arkansan along with a little bit of Ben Kweller’s pop sensibility. The result is a breed of music that bridges the gap between Americana and indie rock.



May 28

New York City Queens

Huge Bear’s Den Pizza favorites, New York City Queens are coming back!! From all the way down in Houston, Texas, the Queens mash together pretty much every type of pop imaginable, from surf-pop riffage to jangly, Elliott Smith-esque folk to ’70s-retro power pop to shimmery dreampop to head-nodding, upbeat New Wave, and heat it up ’til it all melts and intermingles and mixes, coming out a candy-colored, thoroughly great pop-rock amalgam that’s just about impossible for a pop-song fanatic to resist. Some bands take years to hit their stride — these guys only needed 10 months.


June 22

Cody Jasper

Cody Jasper brings an eclectic mix of musical experiences, tastes, and vibes. The root of their music reaches deep into the fundamentals of blues and classic rock with a twist of indie & pop. Like if you put Jimi Hendrix, the Black Keys, and Stevie Ray Vaughn into a blender!

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Four new shows added! Black Cadillacs (TN), Gashcat (TX), Ray Tarantino (TN), Little Chief (AR)

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March 9, 2013 (Saturday) (With Good Field)

Black Cadillacs

One of Knoxville, TN’s most popular bands, The Black Cadillacs bring their blues based indie rock to Bear’s Den Pizza! Think of an exciting blend of traditional rock & roll with a modern version of garage soul and R&B. With influences of rock pioneers such as the Who, the Rolling Stones, MC5, and Memphis blues legends like Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf, but yet a modern edge of bands like The Black Keys & My Morning Jacket, the Black Cadillacs stick close to their roots, but aren’t afraid to push the envelope. They’re raw, yet refined, loud, yet dynamic,and smooth as molasses with live shows packed to the gills with concentrated & explosive energy.

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March 17, 2013 (Sunday) Gashcat

Describing themselves as a fuzzy muppet band originally from Louisiana, but currently residing in Austin, TX, Gashcat are on their way to Bear’s Den Pizza to tear the place down with their folk infused indie rock!


April 6, 2013 (Saturday) Ray Tarantino

“Consistently entertaining and utterly devoid of filler. It’s rare I get to hear an artist so obviously on the edge of major success. It seems the big time is beckoning, and with the right push and some good fortune, we could soon see Tarantino taking on the arenas of the world.” – (Leicester Bangs Blog). 


May 21, 2013 (Tuesday) little chief

Little Chief is a 3 man folk band out of Fayetteville, AR that drawing influences from folk monsters such as The Lumineers, The Head and the Heart, and Mumford & Sons! Despite being all acoustic, they still can deliver a punch of raw, live energy straight to the heart!

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New show for March!

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March 10, 2013 (Sunday)

Deadstring Brothers

Not unlike Exile-era Stones, Detroit’s Deadstring Brothers deliver a menacing sound that draws equally on the melancholy of country ballads and the abandon of rock and blues. The bands music is deeply rooted in the storytelling and instrumental traditions of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and the American Outlaw Movement, but is also informed by the song structure and understated aggression commonly associated with Detroit bands. Their haunting melodies reveal the influence of early 70s rock icons like The Band and Gram Parsons and The Faces. Deadstring Brothers live performances have the energy of guitar rock, but sophisticated arrangements, Hammond Organ and a focus on traditional American music separate them from many of their Detroit contemporaries. They have shared the stage with the likes of My Morning Jacket, Drive-By Truckers, and Cat Power. Now, they take the stage at Bear’s Den Pizza.

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Two more shows announced!

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February 9th (Saturday)

Mike Borgia

Kansas City’s Mike Borgia has seen the world and has been playing music and touring for over 20 years. Best described as an alternative blues singer songwriter who has reached the depths of certainty in his song writing. A musical conviction clearly heard in every note. Timeless, raw and human. With a little mix of alternative rock, indie, and blues.




March 9th (Saturday)

Good Field

Austin, TX’s Good Field combes influences of shoegaze, indie rock, ’60s guitar tones, and pop hooks to create a hazy rock that will make BDP feel more like July at the beach rather than Conway in March.

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Booyah! Dad This Saturday!!

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Booyah DadBooyah Dad

One could describe Booyah! Dad as musical cross breed, imagine if Z.Z. Top and the Talking heads combined forces, or in the words of Rick Barton (Formerly of The Dropick Murpy’s) “You guys are like a psychedelic B.T.O.” gracing the stage, and exhorting all to “Party.

Jan. 05 (Saturday)