March 9th Black Cadillacs

Good Field

The Black Cadillacs

One of Knoxville, TN’s most popular bands, The Black Cadillacs bring their blues based indie rock to Bear’s Den Pizza! Think of an exciting blend of traditional rock & roll with a modern version of garage soul and R&B. With influences of rock pioneers such as the Who, the Rolling Stones, MC5, and Memphis blues legends like Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf, but yet a modern edge of bands like The Black Keys & My Morning Jacket, the Black Cadillacs stick close to their roots, but aren’t afraid to push the envelope. They’re raw, yet refined, loud, yet dynamic,and smooth as molasses with live shows packed to the gills with concentrated & explosive energy.

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Good Field

Austin, TX’s Good Field combes influences of shoegaze, indie rock, ’60s guitar tones, and pop hooks to create a hazy rock that will make BDP feel more like July at the beach rather than Conway in March.

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March 10th Deadstring Brothers


Deadstring Brothers

Not unlike Exile-era Stones, Detroit’s Deadstring Brothers deliver a menacing sound that draws equally on the melancholy of country ballads and the abandon of rock and blues. The bands music is deeply rooted in the storytelling and instrumental traditions of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and the American Outlaw Movement, but is also informed by the song structure and understated aggression commonly associated with Detroit bands. Their haunting melodies reveal the influence of early 70s rock icons like The Band and Gram Parsons and The Faces. Deadstring Brothers live performances have the energy of guitar rock, but sophisticated arrangements, Hammond Organ and a focus on traditional American music separate them from many of their Detroit contemporaries. They have shared the stage with the likes of My Morning Jacket, Drive-By Truckers, and Cat Power. Now, they take the stage at Bear’s Den Pizza.

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The Getaway

Cincinnati’s The Getaway is bringing their pop/rock outfit to Bear’s Den Pizza! With soaring pop melodies, and hooking, roaring guitars, prepare yourself to sing along and tap your feet until the last note of the last song. Totally infectious.


March 12th TJ KongPhiladelphia’s TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb have been described as a rare blend of Whiskey Blues, Mournful Balladry, Bootstomp Folk, Punk and Gypsy Rock similar in sound almost to a contemporary-ancient brand of Americana similar to The Band or, at its crankiest extreme, Captain Beefheart with a dirty Mersey Beat that’d shame the Animals. Having opened for top acts such as Here We Go Magic and the White Rabbits, and having played festivals such as POP Montreal, SXSW, and the CMJ Music Marathon, this “post-apocalyptic fall-out shelter house band” (Philadelphia Weekly) is gearing up to tear down BDP!


March 14th
Hotel War

Nashville’s Hotel War is an original rock ‘n roll group of 2013 whose fiery brand of songs are adventurous, hard-hitting, to the point, and every song a potential hit single. With a bluesy, dirty classic rock feel about them that could easily be mistaken for some long lost tracks from the 1970’s, think Led Zeppelin meets Wolfmother & Kings of Leon.


March 16th SCM Elextrix

Gnarly Charlies

SCM Electrix

From Muscle Shoals, Alabama, with SCM Electrix…experimentation names the game. They create the sounds that flows into the ears, flying into an endless universe…then drive you straight down into the volcanos deep within Planet Earth.



Gnarly Charlies

Rock and roll, sweat & soul! Hailing from Florence, Alabama, Gnarly Charlies bring their alternative rock & swagger to Bear’s Den Pizza! Fresh off signing with Nashville label, Sons of Old Town Collective, get ready to get your face melted off.


March 17th Gashcat

Describing themselves as a fuzzy muppet band originally from Louisiana, but currently residing in Austin, TX, Gashcat are on their way to Bear’s Den Pizza to tear the place down with their folk infused indie rock!


March 19th Kingston Springs

One of Nashville’s premiere bands, The Kingston Springs incorporate “bass-heavy blues (think Black Keys, sans polish, gone South) surf rock and folksy Americana”…as said by Paste Magazine (#2 on the Top 12 Tennessee Bands You Should See – Paste Magazine). From the stages of Lollapalooza, SXSW, Austin City Limits, and many more, no stage is too big or too small for these guys, and now they bring it all to Bear’s Den Pizza! These guys are blowing up, be here to be a part of this energy!

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March 23 Not in the Face

Having torn apart Bear’s Den Pizza once before, Austin’s Not in the Face is returning on March 23rd to rip our faces apart again! Not in the Face is described by those in the know as; grimy, gritty and raw – Low-Fi and boisterous – blistering blues-pop – their songs reveal a mean streak and melodic sense that would make Paul Westerberg proud.  With roots tracing back to Deep East Texas, they are undeniably the real deal. From festivals like SXSW and Fun Fun Fun Fest, fans of the White Stripes & Black Keys have something new to sink their teeth into!

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March 26th Irene and the SleepersFans of Tom Petty, The Gaslight Anthem, and The Gallery can find a lot to like in Shreveport rockers, Irene & The Sleepers. Rocking out the old fashioned way, soaring guitars, a steady rhythm section, and desperate ambition, these guys are gonna rock Bear’s Den Pizza!


March 30th New York City Queens

Huge Bear’s Den Pizza favorites, New York City Queens are coming back!! From all the way down in Houston, Texas, the Queens mash together pretty much every type of pop imaginable, from surf-pop riffage to jangly, Elliott Smith-esque folk to ’70s-retro power pop to shimmery dreampop to head-nodding, upbeat New Wave, and heat it up ’til it all melts and intermingles and mixes, coming out a candy-colored, thoroughly great pop-rock amalgam that’s just about impossible for a pop-song fanatic to resist. Some bands take years to hit their stride — these guys only needed 10 months.