April 11, 2015 @ 10:00 PM – 11:45 PM

Dulac Smack

Five young lads from southeast Louisiana bringing wholesome daily servings of sunshine to your ears. In the beginning there were three. Conceived drunkenly betwixt a kumbaya guitar circle, freshman year at university, baton rouge. A trio consisting of Matt Meche (drums), Ethan Belanger (guitar) and Gabriel Delaney (bass/vocals) subsequently jammed, yielding a song that was performed 24 hours later at an open mic night in one of LSU’s most choice campus dive-bars. Realizing that the project had become sentient, the trio expanded to a quartet, enlisting Zack Blum to helm the kick drum cannon, moving Meche to reinforce the guitar front-lines. The new formed structure quickly obtained momentum and began rocking nearly out of control for years after. It wasn’t until the discovery and addition of piano-whisperer Jordan Anderson that the group recognized the shimmering missing musical jigsaw. Now fully actualized, armed and operational, The Dulac Smack have no plans of deceleration. 

Their recipe:

An obscenely generous serving of led zeppelin
(6-9) red hot chili peppers
(1-2 slices) foo fighters
(4.2oz) dave mathews band
a dash of joe cocker for zest
bring to a broil and let your ears feast upon
The Smack!